Site Experts Certificate Programs

For over 35 years PAREXEL supported the drug development process to get new and innovative drug treatments into the hands of those who need them most by simplifying the journey to market.

Learn from and with our experts and enhance your competencies through direct exchange. PAREXEL Academy is one of the few training institutes worldwide within the global acting CRO market. PAREXEL as one of the leading CROs worldwide shares its expertise and experience in managing international clinical trials. Take your opportunity!


Site Experts Certificate Programs

Investigator Certification program for professionals

Through this program, you will learn how GCP principles are implemented and gain in-depth knowledge on successful global clinical trials. Practical advice on how to handle common challenges will lead you to the expert thinking of Project Management and Risks Management from a Global point of view.

Clinical Research Coordinator Program for managers

On completion of this course participants will have gained in-depth knowledge on CRC competencies, and how to develop those competencies. You will have practiced several problem solving techniques to overcome common challenges during a clinical trial.