Clinical Research Coordinator Program for Managers

Clinical Research Coordinator(CRC) plays a key role in leading clinical trial progress. The CRC activities involve from subjects cares, data entries, communication with all sites parties, and also sponsor end. The strongest back-up  for talent coordinators development and retention are the effective leadership.

Clinical Research Coordinator Program for Managers

Embracing Compelling Career For Tomorrow Success

On completion of this course participants will have gained in-depth knowledge on CRC competencies, and how to develop those competencies. You will have practiced several problem solving techniques to overcome common challenges during a clinical trial. Furthermore, you will be able to apply effective project management tools to manage the projects quality and lead team for future success . 

This Course will enable you to…

  • Define the 3 crucial competencies of a CRC
  • Describe how competencies of a CRC can be developed
  • Analyze a quality issue according to known Project Management system
  • Apply problem solving techniques
  • Describe the fundamentals for managing a project
  • Define roles and responsibilities for a given project
  • Discuss behavior differences based on Social Style