Project Management for Clinical Trials

This training is designed for anyone with project responsibility in clinical trials. From experience, we consider that the optimum length for this seminar is two days, but we can be flexible if required. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Project Management for Clinical Trials


Efficient and well-structured project management is the basis for a successful clinical trial. This seminar provides a thorough and comprehensive insight into the tasks and responsibilities of a Project Manager in clinical research. In addition to learning what a Project Manager does during the various stages of a trial, participants will gain practical tips they can apply in the workplace and useful information about organization, time management and communication strategies, essential for a successful career in project management. You will learn how to how to set milestones, analyze risk, and practice these skills using realistic scenarios and standard project planning and decision making tools.


  • The Project
  • The Project Manager
  • The Project Team
  • Project Planning
  • Preparation and Conduct of a Clinical Trial
  • Capacity and Budget Planning and Control