Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management

From Medicine into the Clinical Research Industry

Are you a life sciences graduate or medical doctor and looking for a career entry into the fast-moving and ever growing field of Clinical Research?

The PAREXEL Academy offers the opportunity to learn from industry specialists from one of the world's leading Global Research Organizations through a program which opens the doors to a range of exciting career pathways in the Clinical Research Industry.

Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management Hyderabad

Postgraduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management - India

Your pathway into Clinical Research: online training and 6 face-to-face weekend sessions with PAREXEL experts in Hyderabad. The program is comprised of six modules: Drug Development, Regulatory Affairs, Conducting Clinical Trials,  Clinical Logistics, Clinical Data Management and Project Management. 


About the program

The program is taught completely in English as a mixture of online and face-to-face training, requiring participants to be in Hyderabad once per module for weekend sessions. It consists of 6 modules taught over a 6-month period:

  • Drug Development
  • Regulatory Affairs (Guidelines and Laws in Clinical Research)
  • Conducting Clinical Trials (Monitoring and Quality Assurance)
  • Clinical Logistics
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Project Management 


Closely combining theory and practice, the program ensures a broad knowledge of all key areas of Clinical Research. On completion of the program, you will have basic knowledge for a variety of roles in Clinical Research, like Clinical Data Analyst, Drug Safety Specialist, Clinical Data Manager, Logistics Manager, Quality Manager or Clinical Monitor (Clinical Research Associate).

Who is this program for?

  • Career entrants / Life Science fresh graduates
  • Clinical Research Industry newcomers
  • Anyone currently working in the medical or scientific field, seeking a career change
  • Industry professionals wishing to update, extend or deepen their understanding of Clinical Research

Application requirements

  • Relevant medical degree or science degree (e.g. biology, pharmaceutical science, chemistry, nutritional sciences, mathematics, physics)
  • Very good written and spoken English (Language test required: IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL iBT score 94) if prior studies not completed in English
  • Strong communication skills

How can taking this course help me with a future career in clinical research?

The expert-led modules, extensive use of real life examples and true-to-life case studies give you invaluable insight into the workings of the Clinical Research industry. This gives PAREXEL Academy graduates a huge advantage over candidates with no relevant knowledge or qualifications. Past PAREXEL Academy graduates have gone on to work as:

  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Clinical Monitor (Clinical Research Associate)
  • Clinical Trial Specialist
  • Project Assistant
  • Associate Project Leader
  • Research Operations Associate
  • Drug Safety Specialist

I am a fresh graduate. Can I apply for this course?

Yes, this course will be very beneficial to life science fresh graduates with relevant degrees seeking a fulfilling career in Clinical Research. Career changers are also welcome.

I am currently employed, but would like to take this course. Can I apply for this course?

Yes, since this programme is being delivered in a blended format (‘Flipped Classroom’), you can attend this programme even while working.
The remote learning part for each module is offered 2 weeks before the live part starts, so that you have enough time to prepare yourself for each module.
You only need to make sure that you will be available for the live training (one long weekend per month).

Can I continue my normal job during the remote learning weeks?

Yes, during the remote learning weeks students are provided with recorded presentations and tasks to complete. These can be reviewed and completed whenever you feel comfortable.
Only the assessment as proof that you have completed this part of each module needs to be completed at a certain time point.

How is the course assessed?

There are two assessment components:

  • The first assessment is carried out before the face-to-face part starts. This is to ensure that the remote part of the module has been completed satisfactorily.

  • The second assessment (a written examination) is carried out after the face-to-face part of the module.

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