Learning from Experts

Meet your trainers: more than 50 highly qualified and experienced specialist trainers from within the ranks of Parexel International, lecturers from renowned universities, and experts from Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Regulatory Authorities, all of them actively engaged in clinical research.


What and how we teach

Our face-to-face seminars blend theory with practice, and use authentic case studies to ensure effective learning and immediate application in the workplace.

As industry professionals, our trainers can combine solid subject expertise with knowledge of the latest trends in this fast-paced environment.

Dr. Matthias Grossmann, PD
Valerie Howarth-Gründer
Bettina Merz-Nideröst
Dr. Dagmar Peitsch
Claudia Richter
Dr. Werner Wierich, PD
Nadja Fiedler
Stefan Gödderz
Birgitt Wöhrle
Prof. Hermine Wenzlaff
Maike Hellge
Dr. Andrea Schaefer
Marc Laberny
Dr. Pia Schmidt

Dr. Matthias Grossmann, PD

Vice President & Principal Consultant Early Phase Parexel International

  • Physician
  • PhD in Clinical Pharmacology
  • Board certified specialist in clinical pharmacology, clinical physiology and pathophysiology
  • 15 years medical experience
  • 15 years experience in clinical research

Dr. Matthias Grossmann has worked as a Principal Investigator in over 100 Phase I, Phase IIa and Phase IIb studies. Dr. Grossmann is Vice President and Principal Consultant Early Phase at PAREXEL International. His responsibilities include consultancy to the biopharmaceutical industry in the use of biomarkers in early clinical development and the training of physicians in pharmacology and pharmacokinetics.  Dr. Matthias Grossmann is an Associate Teaching Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Dresden, and has been teaching for PAREXEL Academy on its Bachelor and international programs since 2008.

Valerie Howarth-Gründer

Consultant Academic Affairs Parexel Academy
  • UK State-registered language teacher
  • RSA Diploma in English as a Foreign Language
  • BA French & German
  • over 20 years teaching experience
  • almost 10 years experience in clinical research

Valerie Howarth-Gruender has taught Business and Technical English to adults in Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the UK. Before joining PAREXEL Academy in 2005, she was Manager of the British Council Teaching Centers in Munich and Berlin for 10 years, and worked as an in-company trainer, university lecturer and translator. As Consultant Academic Affairs, Valerie Howarth-Gruender is responsible for the design and delivery of English language training at the PAREXEL Academy and the coordination of its international programs.

Bettina Merz-Nideröst

Consultant Academic AffairsParexel Academy 
  • Master's Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacist)
  • Licensed Pharmacist (Switzerland and Germany)
  • 12 years experience as Hospital Pharmacist
  • 10 years experience in Clinical Research

Bettina Merz-Nideröst worked for 12 years as a hospital pharmacist and Deputy Head of "Sterile Production".

In 2004, she joined PAREXEL International. She was jointly responsible for the coordination and review of essential documents and for the delivery of international training to new hires.

As Consultant Academic Affairs, Bettina specializes in the design and delivery of "Regulatory Affairs" courses including basic principles of clinical research, international guidelines, national laws, approval processes and study documents on the Academy´s BSc in Clinical Research, postgraduate and international programs. She also delivers ICH-GCP training to investigators.

Dr. Dagmar Peitsch

Senior Trainer, Parexel Academy Global Research Operations Manager, Parexel International
  • MSc in Biology
  • PhD in Neurobiology
  • 20 years experience of clinical research

Dr. Dagmar Peitsch has extensive experience of the biopharmaceutical industry, and has worked as a Clinical Research Associate, Clinical Lead and Project Management. She now works as a Global Research Manager in Germany, where she specializes in the coordination of large, international, multi-center trials.

Dr. Peitsch is Director of Studies in the Bachelor in Clinical Research program. She also trains physicians worldwide in Good Clinical Practice.

Claudia Richter

Senior Trainer, Parexel Academy Senior Clinical Research Associate, Parexel International
  • State Registered Pediatric Nurse
  • MSc in Medical Education
  • More than 15 years experience in clinical research

Claudia Richter has been with PAREXEL International since 2001, and currently works as a Senior Clinical Research Associate, monitoring sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. She has also worked in Belgium and Australia, and coordinated teams in the Asia Pacific region. Her extensive clinical trial experience covers Phase II-Phase IV studies, mainly in the areas of oncology, internal medicine and pediatrics. Since 2006 she has divided her time between monitoring clinical trials and training for the PAREXEL Academy. Claudia Richter plays a key role in the design and set-up of new courses, and is Course Leader for the PAREXEL Academy’s Bachelor in Clinical Research and international programs.

Dr. Werner Wierich, PD

Senior Trainer, Parexel Academy Mathematician, Biostatistician and Statistical Consultant
  • PhD in Mathematics Qualified lecturer (Freie Universität Berlin)
  • 12 years university teaching and research experience
  • 24 years experience in clinical research

Following 12 years work in academia, Dr. Werner Wierich started his career at Parexel as a Biostatistician. In the 24 years that followed, he went on to hold numerous senior positions within Parexel International's global biostatistics team. Dr. Wierich now works as an independent Statistical Consultant.

He has been presenting various seminars on biostatistics for almost two decades to global clients, and he lectures on the BSc in Clinical Research program at the Parexel Academy. Dr. Wierich also serves as independent statistical expert in DMCs I (Data Monitoring Committees).

Nadja Fiedler

Trainer Soft Skills & Career Coaching
  • MSc in Psychology, with focus on organizational psychology, educational psychology, diagnostics and intervention, research and evaluation
  • Two Coaching certifications (Systemic and Co‐Active coaching)
  • Over 10 years of experience with coaching, direct search and corporate recruiting in Germany and the US
  • Over 7 years of experience with career, leadership and individual coaching

Nadja Fiedler started her career originally as a head hunter, in Germany, where she discovered her passion and talent for coaching while working as a senior recruiter. In 2010 she moved to Boston, where she worked as Career Services Manager at BCG, The Boston Consulting Group, being responsible for coaching consultants and alumni.

After moving to Berlin in 2014, Nadja established her own coaching and training practice, focusing on career, leadership and soft skills coaching. She joined the Parexel Academy in 2016 as a Communications & Soft Skills Trainer for the Postgraduate Program in Clinical Monitoring | Clinical Trial Management.

Stefan Gödderz

Trainer Parexel Academy
  • MSc in Biology
  • Almost 10 years experience with clinical monitoring and operations

Stefan Goedderz holds a Master’s degree in biology. After attending the Parexel Academy Postgraduate Program in Clinical Monitoring in 2007, he joined Parexel as a Clinical Research Associate in Berlin, Germany. Since then Stefan has been involved in performing a wide variety of complex tasks in the Clinical Operations department. He has monitored sites in phase II – phase IV studies in Germany and Austria, and gained experience in the indications of pulmonology, cardiology and oncology. In the field of psychiatry he worked as unblinded monitor. Stefan has also been involved in pilot studies for risk-based monitoring.

In 2016 Stefan joined ParexelL Academy’s Postgraduate Certificate Programme as lecturer for the module “Conducting Clinical Trials”. Starting 2017 he will expand his teaching career by conducting basic training for Study Nurses.

Birgitt Wöhrle

Trainer Parexel Academy
  • Registered nurse
  • Graduate in Informatics
  • 10 years experience as a nurse (specialized in cardiology)
  • 13 years experience as Clinical Data Analyst in Clinical Research (Phase II – III)

Birgitt Wöhrle’s professional experience enabled her to acquire a profound knowledge of the medical area, general informatics and clinical data management, in particular. She has been working with Parexel International since 2003, having 13 years of experience as Clinical Data Analyst. During this time, she worked in over 30 studies from Phase II and Phase III with several different indications, being also acquainted with a variety of databank systems.

Since 2011, Birgitt teaches Clinical Data Management at different courses at the Parexel Academy, including the Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Trial Management, Study Nurse trainings and the Postgraduate Program in Clinical Monitoring | Clinical Trial Management. In 2016, she joined the Parexel Academy Team as Consultant Quality and Technology, keeping her role as a Data Management Trainer. Since then, she has been also in charge of the administration and support of the online learning platforms used for the Academy courses, as well as the conception and execution of courses in Clinical Data Management in both national and international programs.

Prof. Hermine Wenzlaff

Senior Clinical Site Manager
Trainer Parexel Academy
  • Teaching Professor in Clinical Research
  • Clinical Research Associate
  • PhD in Medical Neuroscience
  • Diploma in Biology
  • 5 years experience in Clinical Research
  • 8 years experience in basic research
Hermine studied biology and specialized in neuroscience. During her PhD thesis, she investigated decision making processes in the healthy human brain. She increasingly became interested how these processes are altered in patients, e.g., suffering from Parkinson’s disease, and decided to dedicate herself to Clinical Research. She has been working as a Clinical Research Associate for Parexel since 2012, successfully monitoring clinical trials in various indications, assuring patient safety, data quality and data integrity, and validating site compliance with applicable laws and guidelines.Hermine has always found it rewarding to share her knowledge. She has led multiple seminars and practical courses on neuroscientific and muscle physiology for bachelor students as well as gifted pupils. Since 2015 she has been familiarizing Bachelor students with clinical trial conduct, quality management and laws and directives in clinical research as a professor at the Medical School Berlin, in cooperation with the Parexel Academy. Since 2018 she has been teaching Master students and Postgraduates at the Parexel Academy on the same topic. Additionally, she has been teaching site staff members what Good Clinical Practice is all about.

Maike Hellge

Senior Clinical Site Manager
Trainer Parexel  Academy
  • ​Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant with 5 years work experience in public pharmacies
  • More than 25 years of experience in Clinical Research as Auditor in the Quality Assurance Unit and as senior CRA: responsible for trial management, on-site and in-house monitoring tasks in phase 1, 2 and 3 trials
  • Since 2008 trainer in the Parexel Academy covering the part of Clinical Monitoring in giving lessons as part of the Academy’s program and additionally since 2014 also as trainer of study nurse and study nurse refresher courses

Dr. Andrea Schaefer

Principal Medical Writer Trainer Parexel Academy
  • Experienced Principal Medical Writer with more than 20 years' experience of Medical Writing as Medical Writer, Senior Medical Writer, Manager of Medical Writing and Principal Medical Writer
  • Experience as Product Manager in the pharmaceutical industry, Medical Journalist and freelance Medical Writer before joining a Clinical research Organization as Medical Writer.
  • Broad experience in writing a wide range of scientific documents relevant in clinical pharmacology such as subjects information sheets, protocol and reports for clinical studies, investigator brochures, publications and parts of the Common Technical Document
Marc Laberny

Associate Director, Clinical Database Programming, Parexel International

  • MSc. in Information Science and Economy
  • 20+ years experience in Clinical Research
  • With extensive experience in Data Management, Project Management, Clinical Logistics, Technology Implementation and Technical Training

Dr. Pia Schmidt

Client Relationship Director Enterprise Accounts, Parexel International
  • PhD in Molecular Biology
  • MSc in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology
  • Parexel Academy Graduate (2008)
  • 10 years experience in Clinical Research
  • 5 years research experience in Medical Microbiology